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Waters Edge Winery Presents: In COLOR – Full Spectrum 8/23/14

In COLOR is a film event that focuses on the contributions of minority independent filmmakers and filmmakers whose work expresses multiculturalism in Oklahoma. In COLOR features films from all genres from documentaries to human dramas. The event includes feature films and short films as part of its presentation.



With the success of its launch as a full-fledged film festival last year, In COLOR 2014 promises to be even larger with more films, more entertainment and an expanded format! The 2014 incarnation of In COLOR will feature a wide selection of genres including, drama, action, documentary and more! In COLOR features the best in multicultural film programming for the viewing public to enjoy!
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A recent art show in Norman called “Balance: Art and Design”, sought to communicate the relationship between design and art using the basic building blocks of line, color, shape and texture. Catch me, Narciso Argüelles, Dylan Bradway and many other creative talents talking about the connection between art and graphic design. CLICK to watch the video.

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Speaking at Ignite OKC 4

What exactly am I talking about here? Watch the video:

Watch my Ignite OKC presentation: Everything I Know About Starting A Business I Learned From Riding A Motorcycle

7 minutes from my 45 minute presentation to PRSA Little Rock in October 2012 explaining how creativity and public relations work together to create some of today’s hottest marketing trends.

Part One:

Part Two:

Life without Twinkies? News Channel 4’s Ali Meyers talk about the impact of loosing an iconic American brand. Video

Desmond Mason, Kim Baker and Kyle Golding about statewide arts conference | NewsOK Videos.

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