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Read House Bill 3028 then call, email or visit your representative to tell them “NO on HB3028”. Consolidation is the wrong move for Oklahoma.

Sometimes you just have to “go analog”. Grab a pen and paper and just start writing. A personal brain storm if you will. Work through a couple of drafts, read it out loud and keep working the process.


Check out and see the many cool designs (including 2 of mine) you can purchase to support Oklahoma disaster relief. Show your support and Okie pride, get a cool shirt.

Tornado Tees

Speaking at Ignite OKC 4

What exactly am I talking about here? Watch the video:

During a recent PRSA board meeting about a yearly non-profit development day called PR360, the question was raised: “What type of presentations would benefit both non-profit and for-profit PR professionals?”. How can the pR360 meeting help all PR practitioners? I blog a lot about non-profit PR and marketing, so I thought a roundup of post would help spur on some conversation about the similarities and differences between these two types of communications. Enjoy!

The Perfect Pitch: How do you secure sponsorships – Looking at sponsorship request from both sides of the conversation

Audience Development for Traditional Arts Organizations – Running an orchestra or museum like a corporation by focusing on new market development

Economic Impact of the Arts – Art creates positive economic impact in the State of Oklahoma

Business Possibilities For Creativity in OKEmbracing the creative class is good for business and non-profit organizations

Expert Non-profit Direct Mail Tips Many of these tips are non-profit specific, but many will improve any direct mail program

BONUS: “Creativity In PR” presentation for PRSA Little Rock (video)

On my business site The Golding Group, we also discuss improving non-profits via business techniques:

Cher Golding’s Top 5 Tips for NonprofitsGood ideas everyone can use

Community Engagement is Good For BusinessWhy corporate/non-profit partnerships make sense

How to Start a 501c3 Non-Profit OrganizationMore complicated than you think

Overall, there are so many ways for-profit and non-profit marketing and PR professionals can learn from each other. The key is to begin the conversation. What ideas do you have for corporate and charity collaborative learning?

Watch my Ignite OKC presentation: Everything I Know About Starting A Business I Learned From Riding A Motorcycle

7 minutes from my 45 minute presentation to PRSA Little Rock in October 2012 explaining how creativity and public relations work together to create some of today’s hottest marketing trends.

Part One:

Part Two:

Life without Twinkies? News Channel 4’s Ali Meyers talk about the impact of loosing an iconic American brand. Video

This is the full version of my 5 minute Ignite OKC presentation from 11-13-12. Special thanks to Darwin Motorcycles for many of the images. Check them out if you’re into custom motorcycles.

Watch the Ignite video of this presentation here

Everyone wants to own their own business because everyone wants to be the boss. Why, because it’s awesome!

You know what else is awesome, riding cool motorcycles. The problem is that both activities are much harder than they look and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up hurting (or even killing) yourself. Here are a couple of key things to consider when riding a motorcycle or starting your own business.

Want to start a business? Already own one but need some advice. Contact me at The Golding Group.

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